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Shattered Moon

Shattered Moon core rule book
Shattered Moon core rule book

The moon shattered, and with it your old life; now it’s time to make a new one in a world gone wild.

The purging and enslavement of the human race by the Dark Lady and her lilim and the return of magic, means Earth is becoming more messy than its ever been and you, as one of the nuoSidhe have a decision to make – side with the Dark Goddess or protect the last vestiges of human existence.
Because without you, they don’t stand a goblin’s chance in hell.
The forces of the Goddess, Lilith, the Dark Lady, stride forth to conquer and subjugate the earth to her will. She has awoken the titans from their ancient slumber and sundered Oberon’s Seal, unleashing magic into a world dominated by science and logic for a millennium. You were human once, but that feels like ancient history. With the breaking of Oberon’s Seal your soul revealed its true self. You are Sidhe. For over a thousand years since the seal cut off the influences of the Warp from the earth you have lived dozens of lives in human form, never realising what you really were but always feeling that you were different, never truly at peace in flesh or spirit. Now you are whole, in a world being torn apart at the Dark Lady’s will. The moon has been shattered and the remnants have fallen to the earth bringing fire, destruction and worse.

What you get in the Book:

  • Details of Earth in the Shattered Moon setting
  • Five nuoSidhe playable races: Dwarf, Elf, Goblin, Ogre, Troll; each with their own unique abilities and seelie and unseelie court abilities
  • Flexible and unique avatar generation system
  • 34 vocations with unique abilities; prowess, talents and possessions
  • 6 quickstart avatar templates: Troll blade, Goblin cloaker, Elf keeper, Elf skint, Dwarf tinker and Ogre weaver
  • Full list of prowess including the new Expert Marksman
  • 110 assea weaves including five never before published weaves
  • Comprehensive rule book covering the FateStorm system with new rules for modern weapons and automatic fire
  • Detailed example of play
  • List of 37 story cast: personalities, creatures and monsters (including fey, undead, lilim and Knights of Seth)
  • Resource list: including new armour generation, modern weapons and sidhe items
  • Avatar record sheet – specially designed for use with Shattered Moon
  • HeroCycle record sheet
  • Copy of the FateDeck
  • Extensive index
  • Glossary of terms


The earth has undergone drastic change after the moon shattered. Parts of the moon fell to earth causing wide spread destruction. Along with the moon fragments came seven forms that had been imprisoned within the moon – these were the Nephilim, said to have been the first creatures to walk upon the earth. With them came the goddess Lilith and her children the lilim. They fell to the seven continents through design and established giant, crystal, fortresses known as cathedrals.
Within each cathedral, there was a temple to Lilith. Through a ritual the cathedrals were joined across dimensions allowing instantaneous travel between them. But the ritual had another effect. A blast of psychic and spiritual energy exploded across the earth at the culmination of the ritual to join the cathedrals and it was this blast that broke Oberon’s seal.
Oberon’s seal, a mystical seal used, to all but, halt the magical influences of the Warp and the Ebb from reaching the earth, had been in place since the end of the second titan war. Now broken, the forces of magic that had been prevented from entering the earth flooded back once again. This sudden influx of magical energy caused some amongst the survivors of earth to transmogrify into dwarves, elves, goblins, ogres and trolls – as well as many less pleasant things. These changed became known as nuoSidhe and as they came to terms with their new bodies they also began to remember who they really were.
At the end of the second titan war the magical races including the fey and sidhe were in retreat, returning to the Warp and the Ebb from which they originated. For reasons forgotten, the sidhe, high-king, Oberon, made the seal that prevented any further travel between spheres of existence – thus trapping many of his own people on earth.
These immortal spirits lived out their physical lives, but were unable to be reborn as sidhe with Oberon’s seal in place. And so their spirits found human bodies to inhabit, living and dying in human form and forgetting what they truly were.
Know they have found their true natures once more – the vestiges of their human lives cling to them like wisps of smoke, although some are reluctant to shrug off their old lives completely.
These nuoSidhe are influenced by inhuman needs and desires, they possess innate magical abilities and special talents that humans cannot. And they are drawn to the seelie and unseelie courts and the natures that infuse both.
Yet, as different as they are to humans, the nuoSidhe are not blind to the atrocities that the lilim inflict upon the survivors of the Fall and perhaps they also understand that Lilith’s dark desires and appetites will not be sated on human souls alone.

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