We’ve had a number of requests for further pre-orders and purchasing of t-shirts now that the KS is over so we’ve set up a megafounder listing.

We’re hoping while fulfilling the need for backers to up their interest and pre-orders it will also provide much needed additional funding for artwork, more miniature production and perhaps future books.

It is still a work in progress as it is almost as much work to establish as the original kickstarter site but we’ll keep working on it and it will provide a great portal for future product launches and pre-orders.

Fund raising t-shirts

As part of our efforts to get more funds for art we’re offering a range of great t-shirts, here are just a few.

Those that were offered through the kickstarter will remain exclusive to the KS backers, however any of the designs not picked up from the KS will then be made available via the megafounder site.


VANGUARD – Funded!


And then this just happened – We reached our funding goal!
I’m honestly speechless.
A huge thank you to all of you who have backed the game – and those of you who have been thinking about it but haven’t yet – what do you have to loose?
I want to take the opportunity to thank Dale Blessing, Mechafox, Nat Ashcroft, Jerry Ozbun and Wouter Wolput who were not only extremely generous in their backing of the game but in their support.
This has been and continues to be a game inspired by my son, Rook – but made because of the amazing support this community has shown. We have done this together.
So congratulations to us all!
I haven’t stopped yet, there is still more on the way. But for now I’m going to take five minutes and let my son know =D

Starlight starbright


Hey folks, so I just posted new starship update detailing some of the more common frames in the confederation space

As well Dan Davenport over at RPGnet has asked me to come over and get a grilling in one of his very open and informal Q&A sessions. Everyone is invited so be sure to drop by and say hi I’ll be there Monday 6th April 1:30-3:30pm CST (which is 8:30am +10GMT for me – plenty of time for a double dose of caffeine) and again on Wednesday 8th April 7-8pm CST You can jump into the chat room at any time and there’s no registration required Hope to see you all there!

How-to Video #1

I didn’t get a chance to update yesterday as a lot of my day was spent videoing, revideoing, editing, rendering, re-editing, rerendering and finally waiting for youtube to take in the results.

But we finally got there after much grinding and nashing of teeth, so I happily present to you the first How-to play video for VANGUARD