Bringing it home

So I’ve been neglectful of updating here once more, apologies to those of you following.

But we’ve been busy!
Firstly, the expanded rules are going through a last round of proof reading which means it’s about to head off to the printers :D so great news there.
Second, along side the #1 card file and alternative character sheet I’ve been working on a second module “Breaking the Hounds of Kegh”, where the players have to rescue a lost pet from a band of ruthless mercenaries while avoiding capture and all before the ship the mercenaries have stolen reaches the pretador controlled planet of Wolvenholme! The clocks ticking and someone has to feed the hounds.
Last weekend we held the first trial run of the module with a huge group of 10 players, ranging in ages from 6-40+. It was a bit hectic and crazy but the game performed well and the team managed to achieve their goals in the time limit. One of the star players was 10yr old Eric who took on the huge task of being the team’s Hacker and performed magnificently, breaking down the Aurin’s defence barrier, taking control of the ship’s security systems, locking down the elevators and using the internal a/v systems to keep the rest of the team apprised of enemy movements, a job well done! So a big thank you to all of them and well done!
I’ve left some images of the #1 card file, printed out and laminated and the battlemap of the H-06 logistics ship Aurin that is the centre piece of Breaking the Hounds of Kegh.

BtHoK module will be the most likely suspect at upcoming conventions this year, so keep your eyes open for it!
Happy gaming!

BattleMap_BtHoK new_cards



Hello folks

Another update :)


So the first bit of news is that the first print run of the soft cover core rules has been sent out!

Which is great news.

I’m still awaiting the proof of the hard cover version from the printer but hopefully that should be along shortly. I’ll keep you posted.

Expanded rules

The expanded rules are still in production. It is taking longer than we anticipated mainly because there are so many starships! I hadn’t realised there were so many. But we’ve finally got them all done and we’re now finalising the planetary mining/resource rules; so you can take your intrepid crew trawling asteroids and planetoids in search of untapped riches.

Speaking of starships here’s one I haven’t shown you before.

This is the Pricklehound missile destroyer, courtesy of A Stanley who backed at Captain level.


The PH-4 ‘Pricklehound’ is the Confederation space corps missile destroyer. Normally only deployed on combat missions the PH-4 primary roll is fire support and is often paired with a nimray class destroyer carrying out search and destroy missions. This little terror is jam packed with missiles, long, short, you name it.

So still lots of work to do in finishing the second book and then there’s a list of things we’d love to get done, such as the dedicated card files for easy printing and a number of additional modules. As the miniature production has been placed on hold while the books get complete there hasn’t been any movement there but it’s still on the schedule.

Happy gaming

Leaps and bounds

Hello folks

Time to bring you up to speed with what’s happening!

Expanded rules

The expanded rule book is coming along and we’re already 50% complete with layout. I’ll admit to having a few of those great moments where you look over something or read something in the game and just think, “wow, that is so cool – I can’t wait to play that!”; which I’ll take as a good sign.

So what are some of the cool things we’ve been working on?

Aside from all the new species options we’ve included a slew of new talents; both species specific and general.


Next there are the pages of new gear; including gear from the pretador nations, the theocratic empires of the reptiles and the mysterious terrans of SPEAR. Also the rules for gear specific talents! Gear talents are great as you don’t pay for them with xp, but from your DP and they make gear much more versatile and fun.

There are generic gear talents as well as specific talents associated with some gear items only. Do you remember the Blessing G8-50 breaching shotgun, from one of our previous updates? Well here’s an example of what you can do with it using talents.


Gear talents aren’t limited to weapons however. And there’s so much more – warp pocket cubes, crazy nanite wands that can morph into many different things, bunker making grenades from Rigby Tech and let’s not forget powered armour, for varmint, reptiles, terrans and pretadors.

There’s also the optional rule for recoil of burst fire weapons.

We’ve also got new esper abilities, at least one for each school and a few more besides. And let’s not forget the new cytech rules for full body prosthetics – so now you can be the cyborg you’ve always wanted to be.


Players can use one of the dedicated full body chassis or even adapt one of the droid templates from the core rule book, so you can even wear a 2Do body.

Next up is MAULs (VANGUARD’s version of mechs) and starships, design and combat – so stay tuned!


The file for the soft cover book is still being looked over by the printer. It is certainly taking much longer than we anticipated and we still need a proof copy before we can give the go ahead for the print run.

We’ve spoken to the print liaison and asked if the process can be sped up, but it seems we will just have to wait. We’ll let you know how things develop. I’m still hopeful for printing by end of month.



Sound general quarters

Not a long update this time but some good news!


So a few more pieces to come in yet and a few more pieces complete.

This is the Angelfel full body prosthetic replacement body. Generally thought of as a light chassis the angelfel is commonly used for military scouts and high mobility users.

angelfel - full body prosthetic
angelfel – full body prosthetic

The Darknarl was the first type of vessel ever to enter a warpstream and since then they have become the most common warp-transit vessels of the Confederation.

Darknarl - warpstream freighter
Darknarl – warpstream freighter

James Shields has completed another pic for us, this time of a molen-modder (cybernetics modified).



Book one is complete. And going through the final stages of edits and proofing, which is great news. We had so much content we went well over the page allocation and so had to pare it down some. We’re still a little over the estimated 124pages at 128, and all the information we had to cut out will be placed in the expanded rules.

Kind regards


News flash

More VANGUARD news

First round of t-shirts go out this week which is great after the delay.

The core rule book is almost completely edited and laid out which is also great news and means there’s plenty of time for proof reading and pre-print tweaking.

And finally got some more art done! We’ve almost reached saturation on the art, there’s just not enough room in the books. But for now here we go.

Brettan Grellion_MAUL Molen_city Vulcor-P-9

Laying it out

Production continues apace!

We took a pretty major hit, time wise, this week as the redesign of many of the game icons and symbols were updated. But hopefully they’re all taken care of and things will go smoothly here on in (fingers crossed)

The t-shirts were delayed but should now be on their way here, after which they’ll get shipped out.

Art has been coming in and a few pieces are still outstanding but the art budget is running dry so not too sure how much more we can squeeze out of it. But in the mean time here are some of the new pieces.

Xixadan_reptylePAS Thorn_BlockadeRunner Pickleseed Herth droids_and_drones


Update time!


Editing, layout and proofing continue and it’s great to see it all coming together.

One piece of rule news is for the core rule book. Up until this week it was the case that the core rule book was going to have badgerians, hoppolites, mausers, molen, nutwerk and vulpine. Each of these core species would have a species description and the species player card, which would have the species modifier and talent on it. And that is still the case, however, in the expanded rules there was going to be further information on these core species regarding their history and cultures and additional species talents.

But as of this week all this information will be included in the core rule book!


Our art team is still on the go so there’s always more to show =D

This week we have the SKY-WARDEN, orbital assault suit. This is one of our backer created concept pieces of gear and it’s a beauty. This power armour is supplied with a detachable flight frame; allowing for unassisted space flight at speeds sufficient to engage starships. It also supports secondary armament in the form of midge missiles to see off enemy fighter craft and damage larger vessels enough to penetrate their hull and assault.


Shown here in the colours of the Falling-Suns commando squad, it is shown carrying the 88i heavy energy cannon from TRAS industries.

We’ve also got a molen ‘roid jockey with a seismic disruption mallet for cracking open those pesky asteroids with ease.


I’m hoping that very shortly I might be able to share some proofs of the cover with you all – very exciting stuff!

For now a sneak look at a hoppolite athlete ;)