Sound general quarters

Not a long update this time but some good news!


So a few more pieces to come in yet and a few more pieces complete.

This is the Angelfel full body prosthetic replacement body. Generally thought of as a light chassis the angelfel is commonly used for military scouts and high mobility users.

angelfel - full body prosthetic
angelfel – full body prosthetic

The Darknarl was the first type of vessel ever to enter a warpstream and since then they have become the most common warp-transit vessels of the Confederation.

Darknarl - warpstream freighter
Darknarl – warpstream freighter

James Shields has completed another pic for us, this time of a molen-modder (cybernetics modified).



Book one is complete. And going through the final stages of edits and proofing, which is great news. We had so much content we went well over the page allocation and so had to pare it down some. We’re still a little over the estimated 124pages at 128, and all the information we had to cut out will be placed in the expanded rules.

Kind regards


News flash

More VANGUARD news

First round of t-shirts go out this week which is great after the delay.

The core rule book is almost completely edited and laid out which is also great news and means there’s plenty of time for proof reading and pre-print tweaking.

And finally got some more art done! We’ve almost reached saturation on the art, there’s just not enough room in the books. But for now here we go.

Brettan Grellion_MAUL Molen_city Vulcor-P-9

Laying it out

Production continues apace!

We took a pretty major hit, time wise, this week as the redesign of many of the game icons and symbols were updated. But hopefully they’re all taken care of and things will go smoothly here on in (fingers crossed)

The t-shirts were delayed but should now be on their way here, after which they’ll get shipped out.

Art has been coming in and a few pieces are still outstanding but the art budget is running dry so not too sure how much more we can squeeze out of it. But in the mean time here are some of the new pieces.

Xixadan_reptylePAS Thorn_BlockadeRunner Pickleseed Herth droids_and_drones


Update time!


Editing, layout and proofing continue and it’s great to see it all coming together.

One piece of rule news is for the core rule book. Up until this week it was the case that the core rule book was going to have badgerians, hoppolites, mausers, molen, nutwerk and vulpine. Each of these core species would have a species description and the species player card, which would have the species modifier and talent on it. And that is still the case, however, in the expanded rules there was going to be further information on these core species regarding their history and cultures and additional species talents.

But as of this week all this information will be included in the core rule book!


Our art team is still on the go so there’s always more to show =D

This week we have the SKY-WARDEN, orbital assault suit. This is one of our backer created concept pieces of gear and it’s a beauty. This power armour is supplied with a detachable flight frame; allowing for unassisted space flight at speeds sufficient to engage starships. It also supports secondary armament in the form of midge missiles to see off enemy fighter craft and damage larger vessels enough to penetrate their hull and assault.


Shown here in the colours of the Falling-Suns commando squad, it is shown carrying the 88i heavy energy cannon from TRAS industries.

We’ve also got a molen ‘roid jockey with a seismic disruption mallet for cracking open those pesky asteroids with ease.


I’m hoping that very shortly I might be able to share some proofs of the cover with you all – very exciting stuff!

For now a sneak look at a hoppolite athlete ;)


The devil is in the details

It’s been a day of ups and downs.

Had a mad race to fix an issue with the code red play-pack, which required a new PDF and a new map, having gone live already it really wasn’t an option to pull the thing entirely so I got stuck in and redid the map and PDF. I’m feeling a bit wrung out now however.

Fingers crossed that that’s the last of the problems. There is always something you miss, it’s to be expected, but it’s the things you don’t see coming that really knock you about.

On the up side of the day I heard from two of our artists and saw their progress which is a great feeling. I’m really looking forward to showing everyone what they’re working on.

I spent the rest of the day editing some of the core rules and working on the weapons for the expanded rules – as a treat I’ll post them here first ;)


The new weapons for the expanded rules will have the benefit of the weapon talents, which the character’s can use ad-hoc during combat, sacrificing DP to gain the talent for that roll. It’s a great rule and opens up some awesome options for the weapons, giving them a lot of character and versatility.


Well the Code Red on NIMBUS-6 play-pack was released which was great. Sadly there were a number of typos we’d overlooked and so an updated file was needed. But that’s been taken care of now so hopefully no more surprises on that account.

We’ve got lots of backer created gear and content on the way which is awesome and we’re working with the artists to get as much of these illustrated as we can.

In the meantime I’m still working on other art for the books and just finished the next piece BREACH! a bunch of pretador pirates tearing into a ship.


Moving forward

Hey folks

So it’s update time, time to let you know how the week panned out and what’s happening in VANGUARD.


So the KS funds arrived on Friday which is great (thank you all) and that means efforts have started in earnest with regard to production.


We have new art underway for a number of backer suggested gear pieces including an orbital assault suit and a heavy boarding shotgun, for those times when engaging your enemy from 1AU away just isn’t as much fun as meeting face to face.

Jes Shields has been given his first commission to bring the Felin (feline) species to life and Leesha Hannigan has started work on the next species environment piece which will be for the hoppolites and for the most exciting news of this update I’d like to introduce our latest addition to the art team Jerome Jacinto!


Jerome does a lot of Redwall fan art that is just mind blowing – I think you’ll agree, and we can’t be happier to have him onboard! He’s worked as an artist on computer games, most recently doing art for Armello and so all our characters are a perfect fit for his experienced skill set.

Backer rewards

Thanks to everyone who has responded to the backer reward surveys, I’m just waiting for the last replies to come in before ordering the t-shirts.

And once all the responses are in I’ll announced the added and expanded sections to the books that were part of the higher tier rewards.


The editing for Code Red on NIMBUS-6 has already been completed! So after a second round of layouts and a round robin of proof reading it will be ready to ship out. We’re cutting it fine but I’m still confident we can send it out by the end of the month.


We’ve had a number of requests for further pre-orders and purchasing of t-shirts now that the KS is over so we’ve set up a megafounder listing.

We’re hoping while fulfilling the need for backers to up their interest and pre-orders it will also provide much needed additional funding for artwork, more miniature production and perhaps future books.

It is still a work in progress as it is almost as much work to establish as the original kickstarter site but we’ll keep working on it and it will provide a great portal for future product launches and pre-orders.

Fund raising t-shirts

As part of our efforts to get more funds for art we’re offering a range of great t-shirts, here are just a few.

Those that were offered through the kickstarter will remain exclusive to the KS backers, however any of the designs not picked up from the KS will then be made available via the megafounder site.