Pitted against the Endless City

At the heart of the nation of Nebezzenatt where Rogue Marshall takes place is the the city of Ashendrya, also known as The endless city. A city so large it can take a month on foot to walk from one end to the other. A city so dense that the populace have tunnelled down into the earth and built up into the sky to gain more room.

And within the shifting control of regions and the rise and fall of authority some regions become, lost, forgotten, cursed and abandoned.

These are the pit regions where only the staunch of nerve venture, hunting warrants who have sought to hide, seeking treasures lost and forgotten and facing dangers, environmental, mundane and mystical. Sometimes it’s easy to forget you’re surrounded by a city at all.

Rising above

Avnastrumn and windshark
Avnastrumn and windshark

Working on the 2Ed of Rogue Marshall we’re showing off the improved profile pic of the Avnastrumn.

These pale, lithe, eohlythiid reside in crystal and stone towers atop the highest peaks in Thear, where they learn to control the elemental magicks of air, study the world below and ride their windsharks, hunting ryphat, gryphomyr and sustegettes.

They wage a constant war with the bat like race known as the Djanthrac whose floating cities pose the greatest threat to the Avnastrumn eyries.


Ghost Station

This story follows on from the events of Rout from Camp Dur or can be used as a stand alone story. When the Dasseula flies away from Camp Dur and Ashen it drops into the unchartered warp fissure programmed into the navigation controls by Buttons Prue – what happens next, no one expects.



Phoenix ash

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